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Live Aqua Urban Resort

We will be staying at Live Aqua Urban Resort. The stunning design of Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende, located near the Obraje Dam, beautifully captures the historical richness and cultural charm of one of the most beautiful locales in Mexico, internationally listed as one of the best cities in the world. 

With its colonial-meets-avant-garde décor, diverse culinary offerings, and UNESCO-listed location, it’s easy to see why Live Aqua Urban Resort is a must-stay. Every detail has been considered: sculptures by renowned Mexican artists Javier Marin and Rodrigo Garagarza, cozy indoor and outdoor fireplaces, suites with private terraces and plunge pools, and eclectic dining venues, from the Mex-Thai restaurant, Zibu Allende helmed by celebrity chef, Eduardo Palazuelos to the top-shelf tequila and cigar bar, Casa Dragones.


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Resort Dining

Zibu Allende

Mexican - International | Casual

Zibu Allende preserves this history and takes it one step further by creating a gastronomic concept: Mex-Tai cuisine, which fuses Thai food with Mexican haute cuisine to create a unique menu, and thus, pay tribute to those who contributed to this exchange of flavors.

Here, you can delight yourself with irresistible delicacies that mix spicy, sour, sweet and salty, gastronomic sensations that you will love to feel and taste.


Spice Market

Asian | Casual

India, China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam are just some of the countries on the Asian continent that have given life to an ancient cuisine that is recognized throughout the world. These distant lands become close thanks to its incomparable gastronomy, a mixture of flavors, aromas, textures and a wise use of spices and condiments. Now, the best of this cuisine can be savored at Spice Market. Taste delicacies that will inspire the senses that are also a spectacle for your eyes.

spice market.PNG

Mario Canario

Seafood | Casual

Nobody knows how Mario Canario arrived, but everyone knows that when he met Acapulco he stayed forever. Day by day he interprets life on the coast: one day he goes fishing for the delicacies of the sea and the next day he rediscovers the cuisine of the land to prepare a magnificent jerky. The diversity of his dishes is picturesque, with a touch of madness and fun. And to further brighten the moment, Mario prepares drinks by mixing tequila and mezcal with fresh tropical fruit. In Acapulco we met Mario and we brought him to San Miguel, to give a touch of this and that to our bar and to tell endless stories together.

mario canario.jpg

Casa Dragones Cigar Bar

Pub | Casual

This is for those who dare to push the limits and delight in perfection. Casa Dragones Cigar Bar is a space that invites you to taste an excellent selection of cigars and a tequila that defies the established. Inspired by the legendary dragons of San Miguel de Allende, an elite cavalry that led one of the movements that started the Independence of Mexico. The tequilas are produced by hand and are made with the finest blue agave plants, thanks to this they have an incomparable flavor, body and aroma. Each bottle preserves the aesthetics of the brand; It is numbered, signed and dated by hand.

cigar bar.PNG

Yintony De Tanqueray

Pub | Casual

Fall in love with the new concept that celebrates gin at Live San Miguel de Allende. Our drinks are an authoritative international journey through botanical, herbal, spice, floral and fruit flavors as they contribute to the different brands of gin from different parts of the world. Live this journey of flavors in a space created to seduce you.




Feel Urban Spa By Live Aqua

Let yourself be immersed in a setting of sensory pleasure with the power of advanced treatments for skin care from Natura Bissé. Since Feel Urban Harmony Spa by Live Aqua is part of Prestige Partner Natura Bissé, cataloged as the best spa brand of the world granted by the World Spa Awards.

Experiment and vibrate with Feel Urban Harmony Spa in San Miguel de Allende, your personal oasis. Feel how your body reaches balance, how your mind relaxes and reaches concentration, free your spirit. With eight massage rooms, sauna, steam bath, showers, relaxation areas and an extraordinary ludic pool, our spa is a shelter to rediscover the perfect balance between mind and body, free tensions and enjoy with all the senses. Our premium double cabin has a private sauna, steam bath and dive pool, a true sanctuary for pleasure.


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Once again, Live Aqua Urban Resort has been awarded the Forbes Travel Guide verified luxury stamp of approval. Naming Live Aqua as one of the most outstanding properties in the world!


 Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende has been accepted into Virtuoso’s exclusive portfolio of luxury travel partners.

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