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Packed Luggage

Packing Tips

What to Bring

Please reference the itinerary for event attire.


The weather can be unpredictable in the Canadian Rockies.  The average temperature in Banff National Park in August for a typical day ranges from a high of 62°F to a low of 40°F.  Some would describe it as moderately chilly, humid but cool.


No matter what time of year, you should be prepared for rapidly changing conditions as you can experience all four seasons in one hour in the mountains!  For the most part, it will be cold in the mornings, evenings and at higher elevations.  The key is wear layers and have options for hot and cold weather throughout the day!

Puffer Coat or Warm Light Jacket

A small coat that can easily be rolled up is perfect for hiking or walking around the village.  If it is small and light, you can easily take it off and store in backpack.



A winter hat or headband to keep you warm when temperatures cool, and or a baseball cap to keep the sun off your face for warmer days.


Sweaters (Zippered or Pullovers)

Bringing a sweatshirt adds another layer that can be worn under your jacket for when it gets chilly.



Cotton or moisture wicking is ideal


Shorts or Sundresses

Shorts are a good item to bring along for the warmer days.


Bathing Suite

If you plan to enjoy the hot springs or the hotel spa and pool, then bringing a bathing suite is a must.


Hiking Shoes & Hiking Socks

Bring comfortable hiking shoes if you plan to hike.  Water resistant is best.


Comfortable Walking Shoes

For exploring the town or venturing out on excursions, you'll want a comfortable pair of walking shoes.  These could be running shoes or flats, whichever is most comfortable to you.


Rain Poncho

For rainy day's, a rain poncho is a quick and easy way to protect you from the rain.


Sunscreen, Bug Spray & Lip Balm

Protect yourself from the sun, pesky mosquitoes and the dry mountain air.

What is Mountain Resort Casual Wear?

Mountain casual essentially is an outdoorsy version of business casual, very similar to country club casual.  The idea is that you look nice but are also properly dressed for cold or warm weather and perhaps a long hike from your hotel. Footwear is practical.   No t-shirts, flip-flops or ripped jeans.

Luggage Tags

Please place the luggage tags we provided to you on your baggage so that the hotel my easily identify your bags upon arrival.

Additional Tips

Don't forget to pack these items in your carryon:

  • Passport - make a copy to keep with you

  • Driver's License - make a copy to keep with you

  • Visa (if needed)

  • Canadian dollars

  • Extra outfit incase your luggage is delayed or lost

  • Medicine

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